Heated Exchange Highlights Day 9 Of Arevalos Trial

Tempers Flare During Cross-Examination Of Alleged Victim By Arevalos' Defense Attorney

Tempers flared inside the courtroom where the trial of former San Diego police Officer Anthony Arevalos entered its 9th day of testimony.

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The tension began when one of Arevalos' attorneys, Gretchen von Helms, cross-examined the woman who claimed Arevalos asked her to show him her breasts and let him put his hand in her pants in exchange for not being charged with DUI.

Von Helms brought up the woman's more recent DUI stop in Carlsbad during the questioning.

"So you didn't want the jurors to know that you had been arrested for a second DUI?" she asked.

The unidentified woman replied, "I knew you would use it against me." Von Helms asked the woman whether she asked Carlsbad police to let her go because she's a witness against Arevalos.

"I don't care if I literally got pulled over for a DUI the next day," the woman testified, raising her voice. "It doesn't change the effects of October 22nd and your client and what he did to me," she said.

For several minutes, von Helms continued to drill the witness with questions about her motives.

"The benefit I was seeking is to not bash my character with these people," the alleged victim said, gesturing toward the jury.

She accused the defense attorney of trying to confuse things.

"No, what I'm trying to get you to do is to admit your responsibility for your conduct," said von Helms.

Judge Jeffrey Fraser interrupted, saying, "That is argumentative," and threatened to "pull the plug" on von Helms' line of questioning.

Marci Rivera told the court she was stopped by Arevalos after a fender-bender. She was wearing skin-tight white shorts that barely covered her buttocks.

She stood in front of the jury showing how he put his hands inside the tiny pockets of her pants and felt inward, toward her crotch.

Authorities said Rivera is not one of the seven women that are accusing Arevalos of eliciting sexual favors at traffic stops.

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