Grocery Stores Crack Down On 'Extreme Couponing'

'Extreme Couponers' Use Multiple Coupons For Extreme Discounts

Local "couponers" are running into extreme troubles at the checkout stand, thanks in part to the popularity of a new show called "Extreme Couponing."

The show on TLC highlights those who have turned couponing into a full-time job. They stack coupons and sometimes walk out of the stores with hundreds of dollars worth of groceries for mere pennies.

Jennifer Dye is a wife and mother from El Cajon who uses extreme couponing to make ends meet.

"I probably spend about five to 10 hours a week on just couponing," said Dye.

After saving and sorting coupons, she organizes them on her customized Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.

"I put the brand name, product, size to purchase, how many [and] coupon value," she said.

Dye's hard work clearly pays off. She said she probably saves about $500 every month.

However, that practice and the extreme discounts may be forcing some stores to crack down. Dye said their policies are costing her family big.

"By them making such drastic changes like that we're not going to be able to save as much money anymore," she said.

For instance, since May 2008, the store policy at Ralph's grocery stores has been to double only the first coupon for up to a dollar if the purchaser has more than one coupon for the same item.

One Ralph's manager told 10News that policy was not fully enforced until this week.

10News tried to contact Ralph's corporate to confirm what the manager said, but 10News' phone calls have not been returned.

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