Gay Rights Leaders Urge Boycott Of Manchester Grand Hyatt

It is an event that brings thousands to the heart of San Diego.

People from around the world visit America's Finest City to attend the Gay Pride Parade.

But this year, as people head to San Diego, parade organizers and other activist groups are asking people to boycott the Manchester Grand Hyatt hotel.

The protest comes after hotel owner Doug Manchester's political contribution to support Proposition 8 -- an initiative against gay marriage. Manchester gave $125,000.

"The right of loving couples to be able to marry we feel is an inherent right that's part of human dignity, and we feel its pure and simple discrimination," said Brigette Browning of the Hotel Workers Union Local 30.

Gay rights leaders said they are not targeting the Hyatt Corporation. However, they have singled out the Manchester property.

"If you do not want your money to be used to support an initiative that seeks to discriminate then we ask you to take your business elsewhere," said Browning.

In a phone interview with 10News, Manchester said the boycott is just another tactic in the labor group's long-time effort to unionize the hotel.

Manchester added that he supported his gay and lesbian employees who work at his hotel, but he said his strong Catholic faith motivates him to support traditional marriage.

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