Future crime-fighting tools on display

New technologies could save time, money

SAN DIEGO - Future crime-fighting tools are on display in San Diego this week at the International Association of Chiefs of Police annual conference. 

The conference is being held at the San Diego Convention Center. The convention floor is covered with hundreds of new and advanced products designed to aid police in fighting crime.

Among those inventions is the Skate, a lightweight, compact, unmanned aircraft equipped with three cameras that can beam a signal to the ground. It can be folded up and stored in a backpack.

Also on display are advanced traffic signals, fingerprinting software, ATVs, massive armored vehicles, weapons and even grappling hooks.

However, what appeared to be simple-looking plastic box could be something every police department in the world purchases.

"This is the Rapid Hit 200," said IntegenX CEO Stevan Jovanovich as he pointed at the box.

The Rapid Hit 200 is a DNA lab in a box. It usually takes days for an entire laboratory to identify a DNA sample.

"Standard time would be days to weeks to typically, months," said Jovanovich. "We do it in one box and we do it in 90 minutes."

The Department of Homeland Security is already testing the DNA machine. Local police chiefs told 10News they were excited about the possibility of identifying DNA samples quicker.

"More rapid identification in solving crimes more rapidly and that means protecting our community," said Salt River Pima Police Assistant Chief Karl Auerbach.

It would save police departments time and money.

The conference runs through the end of the week.

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