Friends Defend Local Priest Accused Of Sexual Assault

Priest Jose Davila Accused Of Sexually Assaulting Woman, 20

Friends of a local priest accused in a sexual assault confronted the accuser's family on Wednesday in an effort to get the charge against him dropped.

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Supporters of Jose Davila came to St. Joseph's Catholic Church in downtown San Diego to confront the 20-year-old accuser's mother, who was supposed to be attending a prayer group.

"We want to say to the mother say… the truth," said Humberto Morales, who supports Davila. "This is damage to the reputation of the priest… He's the big leader for us."

When the accuser's mother did not show up, Morales and several other friends of Davila confronted the accuser's brother instead. They wanted to know why such strong accusations would be made against Davila, the associate pastor of St. Jude's Shrine in Southcrest. Davila is also known as Father Alexis.

"The father is innocent... the father is a good man," said Morales. "We are happy with him."

Morales and others claim the 20-year-old woman who is accusing Davila of sexual assault has made similar accusations against others in the past.

They say she is a liar and accuse her of having ulterior motives.

Police told 10News Davila admitted to something taking place with the woman inside his home on New Year's Day and turned himself in. He later posted bail.

"We don't believe what the lady says because I know the lady," said Morales. "She always has something wrong."

Because of those claims, 10News stopped by her home for her side of the story. Since she is considered a victim of sexual assault 10News is not revealing her name or where she lives.

"You're saying he actually sexually assaulted you though? This priest?" asked 10News reporter Preston Phillips.

"Yes, he did," she answered.

When asked if he hurt her, the woman replied, "No."

She would not elaborate about the sexual assault but told 10News the truth would be revealed.

"It doesn't matter... you guys will see in court," she said.

Davila is scheduled to be arraigned in court on Jan. 10. His supporters said they will carry out a peaceful demonstration in front of the courthouse in the priest's defense.

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