Friend suspects foul play in missing Oceanside mom case

Marlene Koue last seen October 1

VISTA, Calif. - A friend of a missing mother from Oceanside told 10News she suspects foul play in the case.

Court documents obtained by 10News revealed a rocky relationship between 54-year-old Marlene Koue and her estranged husband, 23-year-old Sergio Erick Casteneda.

Koue, the Oceanside mother of two, has been missing for 10 days, according to Oceanside police. Casteneda has not been named a suspect and is said to be cooperating with authorities.

"I think everyone tries to cooperate right and hide the truth," Koue's friend, who wished to remain anonymous, told 10News.

The friend, who does not live in California, spoke to 10News by phone about problems between the couple.

"What do you know about him?" asked 10News reporter Jennifer Jensen.

"Um … that he is violent," said the friend.

"Violent with her?" Jensen asked.

"Yes," she answered.

In court documents, Koue detailed in at least two incidents how Casteneda punched her several times in the face. On another occasion, he threw her against a wall.

She even had enclosed a photo in the court file showing herself with bruises.

Koue also said he once broke into her computer and programmed it to flash messages such as "you're dead," "leverage" and "are we having fun yet?"

Both cases were dismissed, however, when Koue did not appear in court.

Koue was last seen at the Pizza Port restaurant in Carlsbad on Monday, October 1.

While Oceanside police do not suspect foul play, Koue's own 21-year old daughter does.

Maya Koue told 10News on Wednesday night, "I'm losing hope to say the least … It's been 10 days since I talked to her. I talk to her several times a day."

10News learned Marlene Koue was going to house sit at a home in the 300 block of Yacon in Vista, a home owned by the family of Casteneda.

No one was there Thursday when 10News crews tried to see if anyone would talk about the case.

Meanwhile, Koue's friends and family grow even more concerned, yet hold out hope.

"She would not go a minute without knowing where her children were," her friend said. "They're not going to go a minute not knowing where there mom is."

Police said there has not been any activity on her cellphone or bank accounts.

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