Former student sues Clairemont High School officials over bullying incidents

Claims principal and vice-principal ignored it

SAN DIEGO - A former student is suing officials at Clairemont High School, claiming she was repeatedly bullied three years ago when she was a student there.

Jillisa Dickerson claims the administration not only ignored it but zeroed in on her as a major disruption on campus, labeling her a drama queen.

She was suspended twice and arrested when she returned after Christmas break.

Clairemont High School Principal Lenora Smith was questioned by plaintiff's attorney, Thor Emblem, during the jury trial.

When asked why she wanted Dickerson arrested, Smith testified, "I didn't want her arrested. I reported the action to the school police officer."

Dickerson had been late for class and wanted a pass that was not granted.

Smith continued, "I believe defiance in the main office when I asked her to remain seated. What got her into the office? She was off-campus and she was expected to be in school. She was at Del Taco."

Prior to that, Dickerson's grandfather complained to the school about her being harassed by Jeff Kennedy and members of his family. 

Kennedy had pleaded guilty to statutory rape of Dickerson, who was 15 at the time, and a 12-year-old. Kennedy received 20 days work service and probation.

He was adjudged to have mental health issues and not a predator. Kennedy was allowed to return to Clairemont High where Dickerson, who had agreed to testify against him, said she was shoved against lockers, knocked to the ground, had food thrown at her and was the victim of racial comments.

The principal said she saw no proof and took no action.

"I have to make sure that what has been written down is the truth," she said.

Dickerson's attorneys are asking for unspecified punitive damages. The case should go to the jury late next week.

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