Former sexually violent predator Matthew Hedge living in downtown San Diego

Hedge's SVP designation lifted last month

SAN DIEGO - A former sexually violent predator is now living in downtown San Diego, the San Diego Police Department announced Friday.

Last week, the San Diego County Sheriff's Department said Matthew Hedge registered as a transient in the areas of Spring Valley and Lemon Grove.

However, SDPD officials confirmed Friday that Hedge reported to the department's Sex Offender Unit on Oct. 8 and told them he was living at the Peachtree Inn.

Late last month, a court lifted Hedge's sexually violent predator (SVP) designation and was allowed to live anywhere he wished. He was also no longer required to wear a GPS tracking device.

Hedge, 49, served 12 years in prison after pleading guilty in 1989 to molesting four children. He was committed to a state hospital for sex offender treatment in 1997.

In November 2005, Hedge was released into the San Diego area after completing a post-incarceration behavior-modification treatment program. He was located to a trailer on the grounds of Donovan State Prison in Otay Mesa.

Two months later, he was returned to Atascadero after violating terms of his outpatient program by speaking to two girls at a local treatment center, lying to counselors and admitting to having had a deviant sexual fantasy involving a child.

Hedge is not on parole or probation, but he is required to notify authorities of his whereabouts every 30 days.

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