Flock Of Sheep Run Through Chula Vista Neighborhood

Incident Reported In Eastlake Neighborhood Off Of Exploration Falls Drive

Several Chula Vista residents woke up Monday morning to a flock of sheep running through their neighborhood.

  • Video:Sheep Stampede In Chula Vista Neighborhood
  • Residents in an Eastlake neighborhood told 10News they witnessed seven sheep traveling in the neighborhood on Exploration Falls Drive shortly after 8 a.m.

    One resident told 10News the flock gathered on Journey Street, where Chula Vista police surrounded them. However, the flock then made their way to a nearby cul-de-sac where they rested on the roadway.

    A Chula Vista Animal Control officer was able to corral them into a resident's backyard where they waited for some experts from Escondido to take them away.

    The sheep were taken to Jamul by the San Diego Humane Society where they will be housed until their owner claims them.

    This is not the first time farm animals roamed the streets Chula Vista. Last year, in the same neighborhood about 10 horses ran wild through the streets until they were corralled by Chula Vista police and Border Patrol agents.

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