Filner, Sweetwater Superintendent Oppose Hedge Move

Sexually violent predator Matthew Hedge will be moving to the South Bay, but a formal request was made Thursday to block the move.

A judge ruled Tuesday that Hedge will be moved to a trailer on the Donovan State Prison grounds in Otay Mesa before the end of April.

If Rep. Bob Filner and residents have their way, Hedge's placement will not happen.

"How many sexually violent predators can you put in a community? The last five have been here," said Filner. "This case, the landlord is the state of California."

Filner is asking Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger to terminate the lease that would allow Hedge to live in the trailer on the prison grounds.

"We understand this man needs to be placed somewhere. We just think it's inappropriate that he is placed near children," said Sweetwater Union High School District Superintendent Dr. Jesus Gandara.

Gandara said he is against Hedge's move into his community, but he added it is time to move beyond the "not in my backyard" syndrome and look at changing the law.