FBI searches for missing teen

Kaelynne Paez, 13, disappeared Sunday


San Diego FBI agents are involved in the search for a teenager from Imperial County missing since last weekend.

According to the FBI, 13-year-old Kaelynne Paez was last seen September 9, and agents fear she may have been trying to meet with an older man she met online.

Her mother, Lucia Paez, told 10News Kaelynne is her only daughter, the second eldest of four children.

"I have to deal with it, but there's not a word to describe what I'm going through," Lucia Paez said.

Kaelynne is turning 14 on Saturday and her mother's wish is just to see her daughter again.

Lucia Perez said it was her 8-year-old son who last saw Kaelynne Sunday morning in their hometown of Heber, which is near Mexicali. The family was supposed to celebrate her birthday and all Kaelynne wanted to do was to be with her family.

"She didn't ask for a party. She just wanted to go to the beach, be together and that's it," Lucia Paez said.

The FBI believes the teen may be in danger and possibly with a man she may have met online. A profile is listed for Kaelynne on adultfriendfinder.com and it lists her age as 19 years old.

The girl's mother had no idea about her daughter's possible use of adult websites.

"We talked to all her friends, all the neighbors, all the relatives. Nobody knows anything. Nobody saw anything," Paez said.

She said parents need to pay close attention to their children's Internet usage, beyond Facebook and other popular social networking sites.

"Facebook is not the only Internet website for teenagers to go into," Paez said. "No matter how close you are to your kids, there's always something that's going to get their attention."

If you have any information, please contact the FBI at (760) 335-5600 or (858) 565-1255.

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