Family Upset Over Handling Of Sexual Harassment Complaint

Parents Of Special Needs Student Says School Never Reported Harassment To Police

A family living on base at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar is upset over their son’s school’s handling of a sexual harassment complaint.

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Kody is 16; a special needs student at Mira Mesa High School and slight of stature. The family asked that we protect their last name.

The bully, Kody says, is twice his size.

“This kid grabbed my butt and was making sexual remarks,” he said.

Kody reported the harassment and his mother, Jessica, was called to the school office.

“We'd asked her (the school counselor), 'Did you notify the police?’ And she said, ‘No, we typically don't notify the police in these situations 'cause we like to handle them internally. Don't like to get emotionally involved,’” Kody’s mother said.

The father, Michael, arrived from Camp Pendleton where he is stationed.

When apprised of the situation, he called San Diego Police who directed him to contact San Diego Unified School District police.

Lt. Rueben Littlejohn told 10News that the district is mandated to report child abuse information to child protective services.

“I'm glad school police was involved however we want that to be more timely in the future,” Michael said.

Jessica said she was unhappy about the handling of the matter by the school.

“I feel that if Kody maybe wasn't a special needs student or had been a young lady coming in and making these allegations, I think they'd have been a lot quicker,” she said.

Lt. Littlejohn said that shouldn’t matter.

“There is no difference. There shouldn't be a difference. We want our students to come forward with information. We take it very seriously and we act on it right away.” Littlejohn said.

Kody said he has witnesses of incidents over the past two weeks during his gym class.

The police investigation will continue Friday and no arrests have yet been made.

Kody’s parents say they will keep him out of school Friday.

A later determination will be made if they should move him to another school.

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