Family Of Boy Who Lost Leg In Trash Truck Collision Suing City

Luke Acuna Lost Left Leg In Crash Near Meade Avenue And Kansas Street

The family of a 9-year-old boy who lost his leg after he was hit by a city garbage truck is suing the city of San Diego.

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The collision occurred in November when Luke Acuna was riding his skateboard home from school near Meade Avenue and Kansas Street.

As a result of the crash, his left leg was amputated and he has endured numerous surgeries.

"He's an amazing little boy," said Steve Estey, the Acuna family attorney. "He survived after he died on the operating table several times."

But now, Luke will need a lifetime of care and medical attention.

His family said the crash would have never happened if the truck driver had not made an illegal "K-turn," where the driver pulls out into the opposite lane and reverses through the intersection.

"He wanted to make a U-turn but the truck is too big and the streets are small," said Estey.

Estey added, "When you drive a big truck like this, you have a responsibility to follow the rules. When you make an unsafe turn like this, you're going to bear the consequences if you harm someone."

He said the bill for those consequences will be in the millions of dollars. The driver is still working for the city and was never cited, according to Estey.

"We plan to find out if there were any disciplinary actions taken against the driver, and if the city teaches or condones this kind of illegal maneuver," said Estey. "We've conducted a detailed investigation already, but we still have more to find out."

Luke has a nurse at home and an aide at school to help him along. He told 10News he wants to walk, run and play sports again.

Estey said doctors hope to fit Luke with a prosthetic, but they do not know if that is possible with the extensive degree of damage to his leg.

"We don't know if he can support a prosthetic yet," said Estey. "He has a long road ahead of him."

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