Family, friends gather to remember former Navy SEAL killed in Libya

Glen Doherty, 3 other Americans killed in attack


Friends and family members gathered in Winchester, Mass., to remember former Navy SEAL Glen Doherty, who was killed last week during an attack on the U.S. consulate in Libya.

Family members allowed only audio from inside the church Wednesday, but the emotion can be heard from his family.

Greg Doherty spoke his brother's commitment to others and to the country, saying, "He died protecting people because he believed in humanity. He believed in humanity because his friends taught him, sharpened him, challenged him, taught him the value of life."

Doherty said his brother was a loyal man with many friends and was not afraid to show his love.

"If you knew Glen and he made you happy, clap your hands," Doherty said, as the audience then broke out in applause for the fallen hero.

Doherty was an altar boy at St. Eulalia Parish, the same church where his funeral took place.

Rev. James Savage addressed the violence overseas that took Doherty's life.

"To react to a religious publication with violence and murder is simply unconscionable," Savage said.

He also added "no religion should ever be held up for ridicule or mockery."

Last week, President Barack Obama said Doherty served with distinction in Iraq and Afghanistan.

"In Benghazi, as he tended to others, he laid down his life -- loyal as always, protecting his friends," Obama said.

Doherty worked locally as a trainer at the CrossFIT/SEALFIT Gym in Encinitas. His biography on the gym's website said he was a SEAL for nine years and retired in 2005.

The anti-American unrest this week in Libya, Egypt, Yemen and other Muslim countries is tied to a movie filmed in Southern California and virtually unheard of until a segment of it appeared on YouTube.

"The Innocence of Muslims," regarded by those who have seen it as extremely amateurish, mocks the founder of Islam as a violent womanizer and child abuser, according to those who have seen it.


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