Factcheck.org Reviews Meg Whitman Ad

Factcheck.org Says Many Misleading Statements In Latest Whitman Ad

The Republican candidate for governor, Meg Whitman, has already begun running an ad attacking her opponent, Jerry Brown, and 10News spoke with a non-partisan organization that evaluates ads to check the accuracy of the ad.

The ad blasts Brown's record over his entire political career. Viveca Novak, the executive director of FactCheck.org was not impressed.

"There are a lot of false statements or misleading statements in this ad," said Novak.

Beginning with Brown's time as governor of California, the ad says he "supports billions in nex taxes."

Novak agrees.

"He did in fact suppport and increased gas tax and an increased sales tax," she said.

Anoher statement in the ad claims Brown left the state with record unemployment of 11 percent.

"That's true although the context is important here," said Novak. "The unemployment in the nation at that time was 10.9 percent, so almost the same."

After Brown left office, the ad says he worked to send California jobs to China.

"He strongly denied that," said Novak. "He said that he went on behalf of California jobs seeking equity capital."

With regard to Brown's time as the mayor of Oakland, the ad says "crime soared."

"Crime did not soar," said Novak. "When he was mayor of Oakland, crime actually went down 13 percent."

The ad also claims Brown damaged the school system so badly that the state had to take it over.

"Actually Jerry Brown had nothing to do with the school system," said Novak. "School systems in California as you probably know are run by independently elected school boards."

Some claims in the ad were hard to either confirm or disapprove.

Election Day is in four months.