Extreme Sports Enthusiast Gets Sport Banned In IB

Dell Schanze, Known As 'Superdell', Jumped Off Rooftop Along Imperial Beach

An extreme sports enthusiast brought his sport to Imperial Beach but summarily got it banned within city limits.

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Dell Schanze, better known as "Superdell," is a professional paraglider and base jumps with a parachute that is already deployed.

He also powerglides, which is the same thing as paragliding but uses a motorized fan strapped to his back, allowing him to stay in the air.

Recently, Schanze jumped off a rooftop along the beach in Imperial Beach and landed on the sand. San Diego County Sheriff's deputies cited him and filed a report with the Federal Aviation Administration. Superdell was arrested last year after jumping off a tower in Oregon.

He is also a bit of a character. Schanze filmed a pilot for a reality TV show featuring himself. He also ran for governor of Utah. Both of those ventures failed.

Schanze's next venture brought him to Imperial Beach, where he filed for a business license to start a paragliding training school. However, jumping off the IB beach house did not help his chances.

"No matter how you control [paragliders], there's a possibility of hitting beachgoers," said Imperial Beach Public Safety Director Tom Clark. "We have a very small, narrow beach. We have buildings that you can run into."

It also violates FAA regulations because of the nearby military bases in Imperial Beach and Coronado. It is OK for people to kite surf because it keeps them on the water's surface but as soon as they leave the ground, they are in FAA territory, where the rules are different.

To close any loopholes, on Wednesday night, the Imperial Beach City Council enacted an emergency ordinance banning paragliding, powergliding and ultralight aircraft.

10News tried contacting Schanze but was unsuccessful. It was reported that he returned to Utah.

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