Ex-Local Lawyer Faces More Legal Trouble

Steven Liss Previously Tracked By 10News I-Team

A man previously tracked by the 10News I-Team found himself in front of 10News cameras again in the middle of a possible scheme.

For 12 years, the I-Team tracked Steve Liss, a disbarred lawyer who has been in an out of legal trouble.

In one case, Liss promised to help clients adopt a baby -- only to leave them broke and without a child.

Other victims also came forward and told the I-Team how Liss would take money upfront to work on divorce cases, but never showed up to court or filed any paperwork.

This time, Drew Melgar tipped the I-Team to an apparent apartment scam involving Liss.

According to Melgar, Liss rented him an apartment in La Jolla. However, the I-Team learned Liss doesn't own the apartment and hasn't paid rent on it in months. The landlord said he was about to evict Liss.

Despite that, Melgar continued to pay rent -- more than $2,300 total.

"Just to let you know, I want my money back," Melgar told Liss as 10News cameras rolled.

"I'll get it to you," Liss said.

"Where's my money at, Steve?" Melgar asked

"I'll get it to you," Liss said.

"I was trusting of him and he presented himself like a trustworthy person, and he absolutely wasn't," Melgar said of Liss.

In 2009, Liss was accused of passing a bad check, stealing personal property and burglary. Later that year, he was arrested and accused of hiring a hit man to kill his wife, but that case did not stick.

In the I-Team's latest confrontation with Liss, Melgar spoke his mind, but didn't get any money back.

"How come we keep running into you? I-Team reporter Mitch Blacher asked.

"[Because] you got nothing better to do," Liss said.

The I-Team learned the San Diego County District Attorney has Liss on its radar and is reviewing complaints to see if he will be charged with a crime.

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