Escondido homeowners blaming SDG&E for damaged appliances

4 homes along San Pasqual Valley Road affected

ESCONDIDO, Calif. - Homeowners in Escondido told 10News a mistake by San Diego Gas & Electric is to blame for dozens of broken appliances.

Robert Morelli pointed out the transformer that caused major headaches for him and his neighbors this week.

"It was like boom… major explosion, like a bomb," said Cynthia Drennan, who lives across the street.

Four homeowners along San Pasqual Valley Road in Escondido received a letter last week saying their power would be shut off by SDG&E. The power outage was scheduled so crews could work on the transformer.

Residents say when the power came back on, their appliances were fried.

"It pretty much burned out every appliance that was turned on and plugged in," said Morelli.

Morelli lost two air conditioning units, a microwave, stove and entertainment center. Even the doorbell was fried.

"My refrigerator here was actually smoking," he said.

With no fridge, he has been living out of coolers for a week.

10News asked SDG&E what they are doing for the neighborhood.

"These incidents are rare," said SDG&E communications manager Gina Jacobs. "Unfortunately, four homeowners are affected but we take them very seriously, so we are working with the customers and SDG&E is doing our best to make sure we come to a resolution that is fair."

Morelli told 10News he is worried he will only get reimbursed for the items for what they cost when he bought them.

"Everything is still in the process," said Jacobs. "The claims have not been finalized yet. We are still working with the customers and they are still submitting the information. We are working with them. When it comes to a conclusion, we will be able to reimburse them for what their losses are,"

Morelli said the company is fortunate they only have to replace his appliances.

"They're lucky the house didn't burn down," he said.

Jacobs said the utility is still investigating what happened at the transformer.

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