Encinitas mayor, councilman blasted for putting up campaign signs before allowed

Incident caught on video, known as 'Signgate'

ENCINITAS, Calif. - Strong words were issued Wednesday night as the mayor of Encinitas and a city council member were blasted for a violation of city code.

The incident is becoming known as "Signgate." Encinitas Councilman Mark Muir and Encinitas Mayor Jerome Stocks were caught on video breaking their own city code by putting up their campaign signs on the corner of Encinitas Boulevard and El Camino Real before they were allowed.

Video shot by Joe Corder on Oct. 5 – two days before campaign signs were allowed to go up – shows Stocks and Muir in violation of their own city code. 

"You have had five days to accept responsibility for your actions and all you have done is to blame it on everybody else but yourself," Corder said at Wednesday's city council meeting.

Stocks said nothing as resident after resident took their shots.

"By ignoring our codes, you engaged in campaign violations… not out of ignorance but out of selfishness," said Encinitas resident Andrew Audet.

Encinitas resident David Smith said, "You guys are conspiring to affect an unfair advantage by pathetic, stupid, childish practices."

Another resident added, "I saw video of what looked like you clearly breaking the law. What do you think your punishment should be?"

After the meeting, 10News spoke with Stocks, who said this so-called "Signgate " has been blown way out of proportion.

"The idea that signs being posted in the street is a capital offense and you must resign your office… a little over blown, right?" he told 10News.

Stocks and Muir faced no punishment since they were within code 26 hours after the offense.

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