Emergency Crews Unable To Find Snake Bite Victim

Hiker Called 911 To Report Being Bitten On Trail On Iron Mountain

The search for hiker that called in a rattlesnake bite has been called off, according to authorities.

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The hiker reported being an hour into the trail on Iron Mountain in the Poway area around 8:25 a.m. Wednesday morning.

Crews from Poway Fire and the Sheriff’s Department responded with multiple engines and a helicopter. Copter 12 was used to search by air, but could not locate the victim.

Along with helping in the search, Copter 12 also dropped a firefighter at the top of the trail while others worked their way up, but there was no sign of the hiker.

Hikers coming off the trail were interviewed and no one reported seeing anyone in distress.

Authorities said calls were made to the cell phone that the call for help came from, but they went right to voice mail.

Texts were sent to the phone, but no response.

Local hospitals said they have not received a snake bite victim.

An official with Poway Fire said some good came out of Wednesday morning’s search.

“It provides us the training that we put in place and it helps us work with our partners, San Diego Fire Dispatch, Sheriff’s Department, Poway Fire, all working together to try and locate this patient,” said Mark Sanchez with the Poway Fire Department.

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