El Cajon Officer Sentenced For Sexual Bribery

A former El Cajon police officer, who used his position of authority to persuade women in his custody to have sex with him or perform sex acts in his presence, was sentenced Monday to five years in state prison.

William Robert Taylor, 28, was convicted March 28 of two counts of asking for or taking a bribe and one count each of sexual penetration under the color of authority, sexual battery and petty theft.

He was acquitted of four charges, and jurors were unable to reach a unanimous decision on five other charges -- including two counts of sexual battery and one count each of sexual penetration under the color of authority, sexual penetration with a foreign object and requesting or taking a bribe.

Taylor pleaded guilty Monday to a bribery count and agreed not to appeal his sentence. A motion for a new trial was denied.

Deputy District Attorney Robert Kearney said the resolution of the case was fair.

“It provides closure for the victims in this case, the women who testified, so they don't have to testify again in a second trial,” the prosecutor said.

“It provides closure for the El Cajon Police Department and all the investigation and work they've done in this particular case,” Kearney said. “It provides closure for the District Attorney's Office and the public in that there will be no appeal.”

None of the victims were in court, but Judge Charles Ervin read a letter from one of the women.

“Why did you do what you did to me?'' she asked the defendant in her letter. “Was it because I was vulnerable? Was it because I was living in my van, and a person in my situation would never be believed? I will never understand why you did it to me, of all people. I was defenseless, and you took full advantage of that.”

According to trial testimony, DNA found on the tip of Taylor's service baton matched that of a woman who said she was made to strip naked and masturbate in the back of a patrol car while Taylor watched.

Among other things, the prosecution accused the three-year officer of making another woman strip and masturbate in a police vehicle, forcing a teenager to remove her clothes in her apartment and fondling a woman as he frisked her.

A number of women testified that the officer repeatedly asked them what they would do to avoid going to jail.

“His conduct was reprehensible, his conduct was without honor, his conduct was criminal,” the judge said in sentencing the defendant.

Taylor, who is married and has two children, must register as a sex offender as part of his sentence.

He could have faced a maximum 18-year term if convicted as charged.

Taylor's attorney and family members said the defendant just wanted to put the case behind him.

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