Driver Who Struck Teen On Bike Sought

Teen Thrown From Bike, Victim's Brother Injured In Attempt To Stop Driver From Fleeing

Police are searching Thursday for a hit-and-run driver who struck and injured a 16-year-old boy riding his bicycle.

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The incident occurred at around 9 p.m. Wednesday at the intersection of Nordica and 40th streets.

According to two brothers, they were heading back from the store when they saw headlights coming up behind them and heard a vehicle rev up its engine.

One of the brothers was then hit by a truck and thrown in the air. His bike got stuck under the truck and dragged down the road.

The victim's 25-year-old brother, Antonio Montavo, ran to the vehicle and tried to get the driver to stop by holding on to it for about a block.

“I catch up, hang on to the door and tell him to pull to the side. And before I even hang on, he’s already stomping on the acceleration. I hang on, of course, because it’s my brother,” Montavo added.

The 16-year-old was taken to Paradise Valley Hospital while the older brother was treated on the scene for the injuries he sustained while trying to get the driver to stop.

Police are continuing to look for the driver and a female passenger. The brothers believe that the vehicle was a white 2000 Ford Ranger.

“It’s not right man,” Montavo said. “Because how do you just do that?”

He had a message for that driver, “I hope you can live with the guilt because I know I wouldn’t.”

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