Driver In Fatal Off-Road Crash Set To Race Again

Brett Sloppy Was Behind The Wheel In August 2010 Crash That Killed 8 People

The driver at the center of a deadly off-road race crash last summer is set to race again.

An estimated 1,000 people were watching the California 200 off-road race in the Mojave Desert in August 2010. There were no guardrails and no rules as to where to stand.

In the middle of the race, a white truck jumped off the track and launched into the crowd, killing eight people. Three of the men killed were from Escondido, and a fourth was from the East County.

10News learned 28-year-old Brett Sloppy, the San Marcos man who was behind the wheel and is at the center of the investigation, is getting ready to race again.

On an entry list for a race to be held next month just east of San Diego, it lists Sloppy has entered a race.

"The reaction, from what we've seen, has been very supportive of the entire racing sport here on the West Coast, and that includes the driver in this situation," said Mike Overcast, editor of

Overcast said he's not surprised that Sloppy is racing again, and added, "In him signing up for this next event, they have been extremely supportive of him racing."

However, not everyone shares that sentiment.

10News spoke with Patty Kimes, a guardian of crash victim Brian Wolfin, about Sloppy's return to racing. She said, "It's taken me time to absorb that because I never thought about him racing again."

10News also spoke with the families of the other local victims. Two of the parents of victims said they hold no ill-feelings toward Sloppy.

"It's a horrible thing to go through, but kids have to move on and live their lives. Aaron would have wanted him to continue racing," said Cindy Farkas-Lake, the mother of Aaron Farakas, a 25-year-old man who died in the crash.

Terry Dickinson, father of victim Michael Dickinson, said it's a tragedy for everyone involved.

"Brett is going to have to carry the burden of what happened for the rest of his life," Dickinson said.

Both Farkas-Lake and Dickinson told 10News that Sloppy has attended every fundraising event for the victims and has donated money. He has personally talked to each of them about his remorse for what happened that day.

Meanwhile, investigators with the California Highway Patrol in San Bernardino said the incident and criminal investigations are still ongoing.

At this time, there are no charges being filed against Sloppy.

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