Documents Show Missing Woman's Relationship With Husband

As the search continues for a missing Loma Portal woman, new information has surfaced about her relationship with her estranged husband.

According to public records the two argued over child custody issues in a contentious court proceeding.

Friends and relatives have talked about the battle over the two boys, aged six and four. Court papers verify that and give us more insight.

The search for Rosa Lisowski is now in its 9th day and most of the attention has been focused on a house in Ocean Beach where Henry Lisowski lives. A search warrant was executed on the home on Friday and another at a nearby marina where Lisowski keeps a boat. A diver also joined the effort to find the missing mother of four there.

Rosa Lisowski walked her first-grader to school a few blocks from their home in Loma Portal last Monday morning. She hasn't returned.

"We're not giving up hope," Rosa's friend Wanda Agosto said, "[but] it's hard to just sit and wait."

The Lisowski were involved in a custody battle during their divorce and papers show it was far from amicable. Both parents were ordered to attend and complete the high conflict prevention program. They – and their older child – were also ordered to participate in individual counseling.

Henry Lisowski has been questioned several times and has been labeled a person of interest but there's been no sign of Rosa Lisowski; no arrest of a suspect in her disappearance.

Friends and relatives held a candlelight vigil and hope to develop leads by offering a reward.

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