Documents Detail Relationship Of Officer Accused Of Stalking

SDPD Sgt. Ken Davis Accused Of Stalking Fellow Officer

10News obtained family court documents on Friday that detailed some of the troubles between a San Diego police sergeant and the female officer he is accused of stalking.

San Diego police Sgt. Ken Davis, a 23-year veteran of the force, is accused of stalking and harassing a fellow female officer.

Davis met the female officer in 2008. The woman is a 13-year veteran.

Both were married, admitted they had an affair and left their spouses. Then, the female officer went back to her husband, which according to court documents, infuriated Davis.

According to the court transcripts, the woman said in June 2010, "I told Mr. Davis to stop all contact with me."

Davis, however, claimed she never told him it was over.

In the transcripts, the woman said, "Between June 29 and approximately Aug. 30, I received between 56 and 60 text messages, emails… [Davis] called at approximately 1:30 in the morning when he was outside of my ex-husband's house… threatening to confront my ex-husband."

The woman claims in September 2008, she sent Davis a text message that essentially stated, "I'm not strong enough to still do this with you. It's over. Goodbye."

She said two days later, Davis showed up to one of her police trainings.

"He was very upset and he told me he was leaving his wife for me and if I ever left him that he would kill me," said the woman in the court transcripts.

The testimony continued along with cross-examination. Davis was not present.

The judge began to doubt the woman's testimony after she told the court, "I've seen him use force of duty that, in my opinion, at times was excessive… I was afraid that considering the volatile part of our relationship that that would be transferred onto me at some point."

She quickly stated she learned that information "firsthand" from a fellow officer.

The judge immediately interjected, "That's hearsay. You can't testify that."

The judge then came up with this conclusion:

"I don't think he's nearly the demon you describe. I think your relationship between the two of you became so sad, unhappy, so destructive, that today's hearing was one more opportunity to drag out that relationship on some very sad and unfortunate level, but it's not grounds for a permanent restraining order. Your testimony is just way too inconsistent, ma'am. I don't think it's going to end with either of you creating harm to the other, so I'm disallowing the application for a permanent restraining order."

Davis remains on desk duty following paid administrative leave. He and the female officer work at different locations.

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