Detectives Investigate Man's Possible Role In Wife's Death

Search Warrant Affidavit: Anthony Simoneau Never Reported Fumiko Ogawa Missing

San Diego Police Department detectives are investigating a former Navy dental assistant's possible involvement in the death of his wife.

In 1996, Anthony Simoneau married Japanese national Fumiko Ogawa. But according to a search warrant affidavit obtained by 10News, Simoneau filed for divorce from his wife in 2002 for "irreconcilable differences."

10News learned the divorce was put off when Ogawa received what investigators called a "considerable inheritance."

Investigators said Simoneau then went on a shopping spree, buying four Land Rovers, a Hummer, four boats, a motorcycle and two other vehicles.

In January 2007, the remains of a woman were found in the Anza-Borrego Desert. The body was decomposed and no positive identification was made. But a few months ago, the body was identified as Ogawa, and 10News learned Simoneau never reported that she had disappeared.

According to the court documents, in November 2007, Ogawa's family filed a missing persons report, but no family DNA sample was taken.

The court documents noted: "Because of this omission, Fumiko's remains were not identified for three and a half years."

A former SDPD detective told 10News the situation was an understandable oversight since one officer is responsible for gathering DNA samples for 200 to 300 missing persons' reports each month.

After his wife disappeared, investigators said Simoneau told neighbors in his Point Loma apartment complex that she was still alive but in Hawaii.

Some neighbors became suspicious, and in the court documents, one neighbor said he suspected Simoneau "killed Fumiko and buried her in the desert."

A friend of Simoneau's also told police he overheard him tell Fumiko, "If you ever try and leave me, I will kill you."

10News learned a woman Simoneau met on the dating website told police that Simoneau admitted killing a woman and allegedly said, "If there is no body, there is no case."

Two months ago, SDPD detectives went to Hawaii to interview Simoneau, who was in jail for theft. Detectives then filed a report that said "Fumiko's death suggests Anthony Simoneau killed her and moved on with his life."

According to information obtained by 10News, Simoneau was released from jail in Hawaii.

SDPD officials would not comment on the case.

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