DeMaio: Highway Call Boxes Obsolete, Wasteful

SD Councilman Carl DeMaio Says Eliminating Boxes Could Save Taxpayers $2.6M Annually

San Diego City Councilman Carl DeMaio urged state legislators on Wednesday to end a program that requires emergency call boxes on highways, because cellular telephones had rendered them obsolete.

The Service Authorities for Freeway Emergencies program requires call boxes on state highways, but City Councilman Carl DeMaio said they were no longer needed.

"While the program might have been useful when it was created in 1986, it's time our state government realize we have entered the 21st century," DeMaio said.

Eliminating the program would save San Diego County taxpayers $2.6 million annually and would return some $12 million in reserves to county residents, or enable the county to use the money for public safety programs, DeMaio said.

"The program is a perfect example of government bureaucracy that has outlived its purpose," DeMaio said. "I urge the San Diego County delegation to make the common-sense decision to end this wasteful program and return the money back to the community."

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