Defense Asks Judge To Keep Transcripts Sealed

Alex Charfauros, Patrick Luangrath, Melissa Ortiz Charged With Murder Of Officer Christopher Wilson

A judge may rule Aug. 10 on a defense request to keep grand jury transcripts sealed in the case of three people indicted in the October 2010 slaying of a San Diego police officer.

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Alex Charfauros, Patrick Luangrath and Melissa Ortiz, also known as Melissa Padilla, are charged in the Oct. 27, 2010, slaying of Officer Christopher Wilson at an apartment complex on South Meadowbrook Drive in the San Diego's Skyline neighborhood.

The defendants were indicted last week as a much-delayed preliminary hearing -- or probable cause hearing -- grew near.

Judge Kenneth So was supposed to decide the grand jury transcript issue Wednesday, but it was delayed to give attorneys time to file their legal arguments.

All three defendants are charged with murder, attempted murder and conspiracy to commit a crime. Charfauros and Luangrath also face weapon charges. If convicted, all three face life in prison.

At an earlier court hearing, Deputy District Attorney Michael Runyon said none of the defendants fired the fatal shot but they were being charged with murder under a theory of liability, which says that when you participate in crimes with other people, you are responsible for any other crime that is a foreseeable outcome of the crimes that you're agreeing to commit.

Wilson, 50, was part of a team of officers who responded to Charfauros' apartment to carry out a probation compliance check. Charfauros was on probation and authorities said they had learned he was associating with Holim Lee, who had outstanding warrants for assault with a deadly weapon and a probation violation.

About 10:30 p.m., officers asked to enter the residence but the door was slammed in their face, police said.

Authorities then forced entry and took Charfauros into custody without further incident. Around 11 p.m., while looking for Lee in the apartment, officers were fired upon by him and his girlfriend Lucky Xayasene, police said.

Wilson, a 17-year veteran of the police department, was shot in the head and later died at a hospital. Lee fired the fatal shot, according to police.

A police dog was injured in the shooting but survived.

Around 3 a.m., Luangrath and Ortiz came out of the apartment and were arrested. Officers then re-entered the apartment and found Lee and his girlfriend dead from self-inflicted gunshot wounds, police said.

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