Fan bites Danny Bonaduce at Wash. state casino

Woman taken into custody, not charged

TACOMA, Wash. - Former child TV star Danny Bonaduce said a crazed fan bit him during an event at a Washington state casino.

   The former "Partridge Family" actor told The News Tribune of Tacoma the woman asked him if she could kiss him and then sank her teeth into his cheek for about a minute until others pulled her off.

   Bonaduce, who works these days as a radio DJ in Seattle, said the woman was taken into custody Friday, but he doesn't plan to press charges.

   His face had a bright red mark a day later, when he said what he was thinking during the attack, "Bath salts," he said, referencing a designer drug linked to bizarre and violent behavior in users.

   Bonaduce's wife, Amy, said her husband was treated with antibiotics.

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