DA's Office Investigating Possible Home Rental Scam

Prudent Constituents Association's Practices Questioned By Some Realtors

The San Diego County District Attorney's Office is now reviewing a case against a company renting out homes in the South Bay.

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10News learned Chula Vista Police Department detectives are investigating Prudent Constituents Association (PCA). Several 10News sources said PCA owners Dexter and Dianne Harmony Brown fraudulently file quitclaim deeds with the county to put foreclosed homes under their names. The sources said PCA then rents the homes out and keeps the money.

In an interview with 10News last Friday, Harmony Brown said she is not breaking the law.

"Everything I do is above board. I'm not here to, for any unjust enrichment," she said.

The Browns said they formed PCA nine months ago after they were foreclosed upon.

Several realtors, however, have told 10News that PCA isn't paying taxes or HOA fees on the homes. Brown said they're using the rent money to fund lawsuits against banking institutions on behalf of the foreclosed homeowners.

"What I'm doing is helping the previous homeowners and all the homeowners that are still in their home," said Brown.

On Monday, the district attorney's office would not comment beyond confirming they are reviewing the case.

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