Customers Angry With Cabinet Company Owner

DesignCrafted Bardon Cabinetry Abruptly Closed In May

Customers said they are furious that the owner of a once popular cabinet company may get away with their money.

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DesignCrafted Bardon Cabinetry, Inc. abruptly closed in May, causing many people to lose thousands of dollars. All of their local facilities in San Diego are now closed.

Customers say the former owner, Felix "Eddie" Brown, took their money and ran.

"I gave them $14,000," said Melissa Jeffers, one of Bardon's former customers.

Jeffers planned to remodel her entire kitchen and turn it into a beautiful masterpiece like the examples on Bardon's old website, which is now defunct. However, Jeffers said Brown never did any work on her home and cashed her check before the contract was signed. Jeffers said her case is being investigated by the state as fraud.

"They have a beautiful product but the business end of it was really a sham," Jeffers told 10News.

She is one of many victims who each lost thousands of dollars. When 10News spoke to other victims back in May, they did not hide their anger.

"I kind of smelled a rat about this… because we didn't get anybody to return a call," customer Chet Thompson told 10News in an interview in May.

"We were just in shock," added customer Frank Melbourn. "It felt like someone kicked us in the stomach."

According to court records, the Contractors State License Board received more than 20 complaints about the company from local homeowners. The CSLB has listed Brown's license as "under suspension."

Brown is trying to declare bankruptcy and the victims – including Jeffers – have attended the multiple hearings. About 30 unsatisfied customers created an email group to share their remodeling nightmares and figure out the next steps.

Brown has yet to directly address the victims. 10News tried contacting him in Montana but was unsuccessful.

After the company closed, Brown told his customers he had to move because of threats made to his family. He also told customers via email that he would try to avoid bankruptcy.

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