Crime fighters in costume patrol City Heights neighborhood

Extreme Justice League aims to raise awareness

SAN DIEGO - Men dressed as superheroes are taking to the streets of City Heights on Monday to fight crime in the neighborhood.

At 7 p.m., the Extreme Justice League will meet at the corner of Fairmount and University avenues to begin patrolling the area. 10News caught up with them earlier in the day.  

"We dress up in costume and we go around raising awareness for crime activity," Strand Lightbringer, who is with the Extreme Justice League.

City Heights has seen plenty of criminal activity, including at least seven murders in the neighborhood alone.

The head of the county's probation department told 10News realignment has not helped.

"Realignment meaning the number of offenders that have been shifted to county responsibility from the state… We have our highest number in the City Heights area," said Mack Jenkins, who is with the San Diego County Probation Department.

That number translates to an additional 2,500 parolees sent into the county during the past 11 months in addition to the 14,000 already managed by the county.

"So, it's been a significant workload shift… most of them being high-risk offenders," said Jenkins.

To help handle the workload, the state shifted $25.1 million to the county level. But based on the spike in violent crimes, the 15 members of the Extreme Justice League are taking to the streets and taking it upon themselves to help.

Their mission on Monday was tracking down a suspect sought in connection with a double murder on June 30.

"We're out handing out these wanted posters trying to get this scumbag's face out to the public [and] aid the San Diego Police Department in bringing him to justice to get this guy off the street before he hurts anybody else," said Mr. Extreme, who is also with the Extreme Justice League.

The Extreme Justice League is part of the global, real-life superhero movement. The local chapter was founded in 2006.

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