Council OKs Certain Livestock For City Residents

Urban Agriculture Plan Allows Residents To Keep Chickens, Specific Goats, Bees

The San Diego City Council Tuesday voted unanimously to make the city healthier, but the method may be a little intrusive to some neighborhoods.

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Last March, the city received a $50,000 grant to promote healthier living and urban agriculture. On Tuesday, the City Council voted 8-0 to make it easier for residents to grow and sell food, as well as simplify rules for residents like Eric Robinson to keep chickens, goats and bees.

Whether neighborhoods will like the sight of chickens and miniature male dehorned goats is up in the air, but Robinson said his neighbors don't mind.

"People who have children want to stop here and pet the chickens and try the eggs out," he said.

The City Council also loosened the rules for people to keep honey bees. Hives must be located in an area unseen by the public, with a screen at least 6-feet tall to protect bees and neighbors.

While the new rules may make for more livestock in the city, Robinson said it's a smart move.

"We have a lot of problems with obesity, diabetes, junk food," said Robinson. "This initiative is to try to put kids back in touch with what is organic and what is healthy food."

To learn more about the proposed changes, click here.

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