Coronado Residents Concerned Over Alcohol Permits

Some Residents Believe Town Could Have Same Problems As PB, Downtown

Some longtime Coronado residents are concerned that their town could soon mimic the bar scene in Pacific Beach or downtown San Diego.

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The far end of Orange Avenue in Coronado, near the Old Ferry Landing, has recently experienced growth and revitalization. However, with that also comes with its share of problems.

Namely, an increase in alcohol permits.

"We've had people urinating in my front alcove. We've had people having sex in my backyard," Coronado business owner and resident Brian Stewart told 10News.

It is those types of extreme behaviors that needs to stop, according to Stewart.

"This is not an issue of having restaurants," he added. "It's not even an issue of having alcohol. It's that conversion of food restaurant to nightclubbing after 10 o'clock."

Saiko Sushi co-owner Evan Bennett said he has no intention of turning his restaurant into a nightclub, as he awaits state approval to serve hard alcohol.

"We're not a bar, we're not a night club; we're not trying to be nor have aspirations to be," said Bennett.

He said Saiko Sushi is just trying to offer its clientele the option of having a cocktail with their dinner, nothing more.

"I think it's a bit of an overreaction, especially if they are targeting us," Bennett told 10News.

All of the residents 10News spoke to said it's not Saiko Sushi nor any of the other restaurant's they're singling out. The residents said the city and the state's Alcoholic Beverages Control Board should decline additional alcohol requests in this area.

10News spoke with Coronado Mayor Pro-Tem Mike Woiwode, who said the city, and many residents, are pleased with the revitalization on that end of Coronado.

Although he didn't know if DUI-related stops had increased, he said the number of noise-complaints are down.

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