Convicted sex offender arrested after standoff talks to 10News

Standoff occurred in 4200 block of Lowell Avenue

SAN DIEGO - A convicted sex offender who has been a fugitive for the past five years spoke to 10News during a jailhouse interview on Monday evening.

In the 1990s, Michael Wilson was convicted of molesting his ex-wife's daughter but did not serve any time in prison.

He has been hiding from law enforcement since 2007. That is when he stopped registering as a sex offender, which is required by law.

Late Sunday night, Wilson said he got into a fight with his fiancée in La Mesa. She called police, saying he pushed her. His cover had been blown.

Wilson told police he was armed and was not going down without a fight.

When asked if he had a weapon, Wilson responded, "No."

"But you said you did?" asked 10News reporter Itica Milanes.

"Yeah," said Wilson.

When asked why, Wilson said, "Just to keep them off and figure out what I can do."

That did not turn out so well for Wilson because the SWAT team showed up. Realizing he had nowhere to go, Wilson surrendered.

Several times during Monday's jailhouse interview, the San Diego native claimed he was innocent and never molested a child.

"Being wrongfully convicted of this type of crime is unimaginably hell," he said. "It's hell."

Wilson said he refused to register as a sex offender in the past few years because he has gotten kicked out of two apartments.

Wilson will be arraigned on Wednesday.

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