Community rattled after hearing sexual predator may be moving to neighborhood

Matthew Hedge abused 2 boys, 2 girls

SAN DIEGO - Community members are rattled after hearing a sexually violent predator may be coming to live in their neighborhood.

Matthew Hedge – who pleaded guilty in 1989 to molesting two boys and two girls in the San Diego area – has said goodbye to his supervised stay in a mobile home on the grounds of Donovan State Prison and is saying hello to San Diego neighborhoods.

"It's pretty scary for sure" said Sonia, a Skyline resident. "I don't want to have sexual predator neighbors."

She lives in the Skyline area, which is the same place where some believe Hedge may relocate. Hedge married a woman after his conviction and public records say she lives nearby. A 10News crew went by the address, but neither Hedge nor his wife was there. Sonia said she hopes it stays that way.

"Our system needs to have some kind of… recovery for these people, for sure," she said.

Hedge was committed to the sexually violent predator treatment program in 1997. On Friday morning, he was released unconditionally by Judge David Gill. Sources said Hedge's GPS ankle monitor was removed in court.

Evaluations presented in court Friday by the District Attorney's Office and Hedge's attorney showed that that Hedge appears to have been compliant for the past few years and that he appears to no longer pose an immediate danger to the community, a source told 10News.

Law enforcement is still expected to keep a close eye on Hedge and he will be required to check in every 90 days.

10News spoke with a few of Hedge's wife's neighbors but they did not seem to know much about either of them or if Hedge will call the neighborhood home.

Once Hedge finds a place where he wants to live, he will check with police and register it. Police will make sure the location is OK and then they will go door-to-door and let the neighborhood know.

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