Community near Murphy Canyon on edge after coyote attacks

Nicole Taugner says 8 dogs killed in 3 months

SAN DIEGO - A military housing community near Murphy Canyon is on edge after residents say coyotes killed eight dogs in three months and attacked many more.

When Nicole Taugner's husband was transferred to San Diego, her military family moved from Milwaukee, where her dogs were safe to come and go as they pleased.

"Never in my own backyard," said Taugner. "I've never had an experience this close to home."      

She says a coyote jumped over her back fence and attacked her dogs, nearly coming all the way into her house. One dog hid and the other was killed.

"There was a trail of blood in our hallway," she said. "I traced the trail all the way into my living room. I found her on the back of my couch. It was basically a blood bath in my living room."

Taugner started a Facebook page where she says military wives share coyote stories and leave warnings.

"Another dog – not an hour ago – just got attacked," she told 10News.

Officials with the Department of Fish and Game told 10News they are not surprised that coyotes have been more aggressive in the area.

New people move in and are not aware of the dangers. Taugner said she knows of eight dogs killed in three months.

"We're worried about our kids," she said. "We're worried about our four-legged kids. We feel like we're under siege."

Officials say there is only so much to be done and people have to be careful with their pets. Taugner says she goes door-to-door when new people move in to make them aware.

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