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Maurice Dubois Not Told Specifically What He Said That Spurred Gardner's Confession

In an interview with 10News, Maurice Dubois reacted to the stunning revelation that it was something he said in a March 3rd news conference that spurred John Gardner to confess to killing Amber Dubois and to lead police to her body. "That took us by shock, the confession and the fact that he was the one who informed them of Amber's location," said Dubois.

10News went to the Orange County city of La Palma Sunday to speak to Moe Dubois. He said he was surprised to hear the news last Thursday from San Diego District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis. "Knowing there was a gag order, we weren't expecting to hear that type of information," he said. But Dubois wasn't told what specifically he said that led to Gardner's confession.

Dubois also revealed for the first time his plans for a non-profit group he has created called "More Kids."

"We're going to be moving forward in a very pro-active approach with law enforcement to establish procedures to go into affect when a child is missing," Dubois said.

Dubois has been working on the formation of the group since last April, but he broke the news of its formation Sunday exclusively to 10News. He says he wants to take existing laws dealing with the disappearance of children, and make them better.

"Fix the little holes that are there, tighten up some of the gaps and I mean, the system is there, it just needs to be fixed," he said.

As for John Gardner and his confession, Dubois had a surprising reaction. "Is he a monster? Of course. Did he ruin my life? Yes. Did he allow my family to have closure and be able to bury our daughter? Yeah, he did. So, I would actually thank him for giving us the closure, and I wouldn’t say anything else to him," Dubois said.