Co-Workers Upset After Gardner's Mom Returns To Job

Cathy Osborn Is Registered Nurse At Scripps Mercy Hospital

New pictures 10News obtained are raising questions about John Gardner's mother, Cathy Osborn.

Video: Co-Workers Upset Over Gardner's Mom's Return To Job

Cathy Osborn is registered nurse at Scripps Mercy in the behavioral health unit and she's a partier.

Risqué pictures obtained by 10News show Obsorn and a group calling themselves the Hash House Harriers running the hills around Lake Hodges and other trails and engaging in some wild activities.

We had to blur the pictures when we showed them on television because of the nudity and nature of the photos. There were even a few we couldn't show.

But the pictures are a minor aspect of the tension that's developed at Osborn's workplace.

10News learned staff members at Scripps Mercy Hospital are upset about the mother of accused killer John Gardner returning to work. People are outraged about the fact that she allowed her son, John Albert Gardner III, to live with her after his release from prison for raping a teenaged neighbor and that he is now back in jail on murder charges.

Sources told 10News Scripps Mercy staff members were summoned to a 3 p.m. meeting Thursday to discuss the issue of Cathy Osborn's return to the hospital. The staff members were asked to dress in street clothes and come in through the front door.

Osborn is a registered nurse and is a supervisor in the behavioral health unit at Scripps Mercy. However, a 10News viewer and co-worker of Osborn sent in the following e-mail:

"Cannot tell you who I am for fear of being harassed, but his mother Cathy Osborn is going back to work at Scripps Mercy Hospital in behavioral health. She let her son live with her and had a key to her house and now is in a position of authority on a psychiatric unit where other sex offenders or psychiatric patients are placed based on her position … She knew he was a danger and never reported him. Her judgment could let other people out of a psychiatric facility that should not be. Staff do not respect her anymore and have to listen to her because she is in a position of authority. This is not right … Staff do not want to work with her and she is coming back to work."

Another co-worker called 10News and said "there's quite a few of us" feeling the same way and that there was a "big sigh of relief" that the word got out. She also said she believed it was in "bad taste" that Osborn continue teaching self-defense classes, and "when she came back Tuesday and walked in ready to teach class as usual, a lot of them walked out."

Scripps Mercy refused to discuss anything regarding the information the anonymous co-workers shared with 10News and said it was "inappropriate … a personnel issue."

10News learned staff members were dismissed from the 3 p.m. meeting at the last minute and told to set up individual meeting sessions.

While it will be five months before her son has his preliminary hearing, Osborn is already being judged at her place of employment.