Classes canceled at HS due to water main break

Classes at Helix HS to resume Thursday

LA MESA, Calif. - Classes were canceled Tuesday at Helix Charter High School in La Mesa due to a water main break.

The break occurred sometime before 8 a.m., according to the school's website, which reported staff would return to the University Avenue campus on Wednesday for a pre-scheduled development day.

Crews were waist-deep in mud Tuesday morning trying to fix the break.

"We found actually a bad installation of the pipes, ended up rusting out, wrong type of material used," said Jerry Bradley with the Grossmont Union High School District.

Marcus White and his buddies found out too late and were already playing basketball at the gym when they got word.

"On [the] varsity court everybody started going crazy, and we thought somebody dunked on somebody and then they told us we didn't have school, so I started yelling with them, running around screaming, excited," White, a freshman, said.

The cancelation happened on a day when students were supposed to be taking final exams.

"I think that's a good thing," White said. "It gives everybody an extra day to study."

Some students were concerned about having to postpone the tests.

"I'm worried because I was ready," said senior Nga Nguyen. "I studied hard last night for my economy final, and then today there's no school, so I have to re-study again."

English teacher Andy Merideth, who graduated from the school in 1989, told 10News, "I'm assuming kids think it's great because they get an extra day or so to cram for their finals."

"Did this ever happen to you when you were a kid, when you were in school?" asked 10News reporter Hannah Mullins.

Merideth replied, "Never happened to me when I was a student here … especially during finals. It would have been great."

Classes were already canceled on Wednesday for a teacher workshop, so first-quarter finals will be taken on Thursday.

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