Civil Trial Over Neighbors' Dispute Begins

Nicole Chaker Suing Troxel Family For Assault, Making Threats Based On Race

A civil trial began on Tuesday over a dispute between two University City neighbors involving claims of hate and vandalism.

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Nicole Chaker, who is part Egyptian, has lived next to the Troxel family on Stadium Street in University City for more than two decades. Now, Chaker is suing the Troxel family for assault and making threats based on race.

Chaker claims her neighbors, which include Tony Troxel, Troxel's wife Barbara and daughter Sarah have routinely yelled racial slurs at her since the 9/11 attacks.

In court on Tuesday, Chaker's attorney described the barbs.

"Mr. Troxel yells at her, 'Get your Egyptian **** in the house.' You'll hear about other times they called her a 'dirty Arab' or 'terrorist,'" said attorney Lincoln Bandlow.

Chaker said the Troxels held such a big grudge that they built a fence to obscure her view.

In 2005, Chaker said when Troxel thought she was hosing down the area under the fence, he became violent.

"He marched right across her backyard, pounded on her back door, screamed racial epithets at her until she came out and then grabbed her and shook her," said Bandlow.

Troxel was not arrested. Last year, it was he who called police, claiming Chaker was hosing a wall and causing damage.

Police came and arrested Chaker. As she was yanked away, she said her rotator cuff was torn.

Chaker's attorneys said they have video showing it was Troxel himself who hosed the wall.

Joe Barr, the Troxel family attorney, said, "There are a lot of false, groundless accusations that will be made."

Troxel's attorneys argue that he did not destroy his own property and that Chaker may have mental issues because his family has not called her names.

They say it is the Chaker family that is aggressive, pointing to these words from Chaker's daughter directed toward Troxel's wife.

"[She said,] 'We will knock you fence down.' So, Barbara… told her, 'Well, we'll make a block wall. Then, [Chaker's daughter] told her, 'We'll blow the wall up.'"

Chaker is expected to take the stand Wednesday. A separate lawsuit against San Diego police has been filed.

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