'Chasing Mavericks' star visits Point Loma High School

Jonny Weston plays surfing legend Jay Moriarty

SAN DIEGO - The star of a new film about surfing made a stop in San Diego on Tuesday.

Each year, thousands of people come to Mavericks on the Northern California coast to watch the best surfers in the world catch some of the most impressive waves.

The Mavericks Surf Contest is the background for a new film entitled, "Chasing Mavericks." One of the film's stars met with students at Point Loma High School.

"Our surf team has been doing really well and for us to get this kind of recognition through a large film like this is definitely awesome," said Josh Larocco, the Point Loma High School surf team captain.

Point Loma was selected because of the legendary surf program. The team is ranked among the top high school surf teams statewide.

"Chasing Mavericks" is based on a true story about a surfing legend who grew up in Santa Cruz named Jay Moriarty.

"He's definitely an inspiration to all of us kids here as far as surfing goes," said Larocco.

In the film, Moriarty is played by 23-year-old Jonny Weston.

Weston told the students the film was about chasing their dreams.

"It's about finding somebody who can help you and finding the courage and the confidence to ask somebody for help when you need it," said Weston.

Weston also raffled off an autographed surfboard.

Point Loma surf team member Jordyn Valence had the winning ticket but it originally belonged to someone else.

"Yeah, I got the winning ticket," said Valence. "I actually traded tickets with someone."

With a new surfboard in hand, he left, excited to catch some waves perhaps one day at Mavericks.

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