Cell Phone Battery Explodes In Teen's Hand

Sathre Suffered Burns, Cuts, Hearing Loss

It could be considered the ultimate bad call. An Oceanside family is blaming a faulty battery for the cell phone explosion that could have killed their son.

The explosion happened just inches from the face of 13-year-old Michael Sathre (pictured, left).

About three months ago, Sathre was using his cell when it exploded as he was closing it. His hand was burned and cut, his hearing affected, and his phone was destroyed.

"I had five stitches in my finger and a giant bump in between my eyes. And then I had marks all over my chest," Sathre said.

Over the past two years federal officials cite 83 reports where a cell phone caught fire or exploded because of a defective battery.

Some cell phone users have suffered serious injury, including second-degree burns.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission has stepped up oversight of the wireless industry.

There have been three voluntary battery recalls, and they're working with companies to create better battery standards.

When shopping for batteries, they say stay with the same brand as your phone.

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