Carlsbad Couple Says HOA President Abusing Power

Eddy And Glenda Laugle Say Rancho Carrillo HOA President Eyzzz Bacarde Evolfo Violating Rules

Members of a Carlsbad community say the president of their homeowner's association is abusing his power for his own gain.

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Some homeowners in the Rancho Carrillo community said they feel the HOA's president, Eyzzz Bacarde Evolfo, violated the very rules he was appointed to uphold.

At Monday night's HOA meeting, residents spoke out against the board.

One man said, "Shame on you. Shame on you board members."

"I mean, it's just wrong," homeowner Judith King told 10News outside the meeting. "It's wrong.”

Neighbors said Evolfo applied for a city permit to build a backyard "deck" before receiving HOA approval. After getting the permit, the HOA president called an emergency HOA meeting solely for a vote on his "deck." Fellow board members approved construction.

Now, the "deck" is 1,300 square feet, completely enclosed and looks more like a home addition.

Next door neighbor Eddy Laugle told 10News, "It's just so imposing."

His wife Glenda added, "And that makes me really angry. I don't think that would have happened had he not been the president of the board and the other members of the board rubber stamping this."

It took the Laugles seven months to find their Carlsbad home.

"When we came here it was all open," said Glenda Laugle, who was referring to her back yard with a view of trees and the sky. "It was wonderful."

The retired couple moved to the home to be closer to their grandchildren. Now, they are considered selling it.

"We've already been in contact with our realtor," said Eddy Laugle. "And she said, 'Expect that you're going take a hit.'"

Some neighbors are sympathetic with the Laugles.

"This is the type of thing they expect an HOA to protect them from instead of to do this to them," said David Picco.

The Laugles are speaking with a lawyer. 10News tried to speak with the HOA board members Monday night but they said they were advised by an attorney not to talk about the matter.

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