Car Crashes Into Miramar-Area Restaurant

Crash Happened At Surati Farsan Mart On Black Mountain Road

No major injuries were reported after a vehicle crashed into a Miramar-area restaurant.

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According to dispatchers, the incident happened shortly after 2 p.m. at the Surati Farsan Mart on 9490 Black Mountain Road.

A witness told 10News a female motorist drove her car all the way into the restaurant, injuring at least two customers.

Amir Eslami was nearby when the crash happened, and he told 10News, "I heard the noise of the tire ... immediately broken glass and a scream of the ladies."

Eslami called 911 and rushed to help the driver.

"She was shocked and she was shaking and staying by her car and she didn't know what happened," said Eslami.

San Diego Police Department Lt. Jerry Hara said, "Looks like they probably stepped on a little bit of the gas pedal as well, causing the car to actually go into the restaurant."

Hara said the car's brakes and transmission were working, and he told 10News the woman was not drinking or doing drugs.

"All the injuries were very minor. Scrapes, bruises and some small cuts form glass shards," said Hara.

"If [the] restaurant had more customers, we have more victims … maybe somebody die," said Eslami.

The driver told 10News she feels absolutely awful about everything that happened and honestly doesn't know what happened.

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