Cable company offers live TV streaming to some customers

Posted: 5:40 AM, Jul 12, 2017
Updated: 2017-07-12 12:42:35Z

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) - Many San Diego families who are trying to make ends meet are putting cable TV on the chopping block these days.

The average cable bill is now about $70 a month, with some people paying for hundreds of channels when they only watch a few.

But soon your cable company may be making you an offer you can't refuse.

The latest pitch comes from Spectrum, formerly known as Time Warner Cable. It serves a large portion of San Diego County north of Interstate 8.

Spectrum is offering some of its customers who buy internet service a special offer on live TV.

For example, those who pay $65 a month for internet service alone can now pay an extra $20 to livestream 20 channels, including local stations like 10News, to their connected devices.

That's about $35 less than you'd pay if you bought internet service and a 125-channel cable package.

Spectrum customer Heather Estrella said she pays about $150 a month for home phone, internet and more cable channels than she watches.

"It's very expensive," she said. “But you also look at how much time you spend on enjoying it as entertainment, and as long as the time balances out with the cost, it's not so bad."

There are other options besides Spectrum.

Sling TV starts at $20 a month.

Direc-TV now is $35, though AT&T wireless customers get a discount.

Both have more channels to livestream, but they don't have all the locals.

A spokeswoman for Cox Cable, which serves most of the county, said Cox doesn't currently have an offer similar to Spectrum's. But she said Cox focuses on adding value to its cable packages with services like apps, WiFi hotspots and security programs.

With more options seemingly on the way, families like Estrella's may soon be able to strike a balance that works better for their budget.