Cabinet Company Owner Responds To Customer Concerns

Bardon Cabinetry Owner Felix Edwin Brown Acknowledges Business Problems

The owner of Bardon Cabinetry has admitted to customers that the company is out of business, just as more homeowners are coming forward and telling 10News the company left them in the lurch.

In an email to customers, Bardon Cabinetry owner Felix Edwin Brown said the company told employees last Monday "That we would no longer be able to keep our doors open and operate in this very, very tough economy."

Chet Thompson of Del Mar said he and his wife spent $40,000 on cabinets. Most of them have been installed, but he said there's a lot of work still not done. Thompson said a soffit is incomplete and there is no hardware or glass in the cabinets. He also said one cabinet was not installed and was measured incorrectly.

Thompson told 10News it would cost him $15,000 to $18,000 to finish everything.

"I kind of smelled a rat two weeks ago because we couldn't get anybody to return a call," said Thompson.

In the email, Brown said, "We are diligently working with possible buyers," and added, "Bardon is also reaching out to contractors and cabinet companies who might be able to continue with our cancelled contracts."

Thompson is not optimistic his work will ever be completed.

"No, not at all," said Thompson.

Customer Frank Melbourn is out $17,000 after he hired Bardon to install cabinets in his home. He's gotten no cabinets, and now the company is out of business. He read Brown's email and still has a lot of questions.

"Will they perform the work? Will they get someone else to perform the work? Will they refund my money?" Melbourn said.

Last Friday, Melbourn told 10News he didn't think he would ever get his money back. But when asked if he has any more now, he shook his head and said, "Not a lot."

Bardon's showroom in Miramar and manufacturing plant in El Cajon are both closed and locked.

Melbourn took a picture last Thursday at Brown's home, with a moving van in front. Brown said in the email that when some customers found out the company was closing, they got angry.

"They threatened employees with many different items, including physical harm," he wrote. "And even came to our home and threatened the same."

Brown wrote he had to move his family for their safety.

Melbourn said he never spoke to or even saw either Brown or his wife when he drove by their home.

Brown's email said the company hopes to avoid bankruptcy because that would be a lengthy process. He promised to update customers, but said he would not reply to any emails.

10News tried to contact Brown but did not receive a response.

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