Document trail: Scott A. Herrick

The director of the Gerber Boy Scout camp in Twin Lakes, Mich., was caught with more than 100,000 child images of child pornography plus some sex devices. Before his arrest in 2010, Scott Allan Herrick provided alcohol to Scouts, showed them pornographic videos, hosted them for overnight stays, and “assaulted and bullied boys by holding a knife to their throat(s) as a demonstration of ‘who’s boss,’ ” Assistant U.S. Attorney Daniel Mekaru reported in a sentencing memo.

Herrick, who also served as a swim instructor at the Muskegon (Mich.) Family YMCA, was able to insinuate “himself into a position of trust and authority within two internationally renowned organizations that are dedicated to the welfare and advancement of our children,” Mekaru wrote.

In court proceedings, Herrick denied that he’d ever abused children -- or sought his posts in youth groups to gain access to them. Through his attorney, Herrick declined to comment.

Herrick was convicted of three counts of attempting to produce child pornography and got a 95-year sentence. He’s currently in a federal prison near Tucson, Ariz

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