Bouncer Says War Machine Punched Him During PB Bar Fight

War Machine Arrested Following Fight At Thruster's Lounge In March

A security guard Thursday said a mixed martial arts fighter known as War Machine punched him in the mouth during a fight inside a Pacific Beach bar in March.

Matthew Compton told the court the man formerly known as Jon Koppenhaver struck him during a brawl that erupted at the Thruster's Lounge.

"I saw War Machine and Ryan Bates throwing punches at another gentleman identified as Ryan Sobeleski," said Compton.

Compton was a bouncer that night and was quickly in the middle of the brawl.

"I immediately tried to separate the individuals," he testified.

The video showed War Machine, in a white T-shirt, hitting Compton. He told the court, "I was on the ground … I went to turn over, looked over my left shoulder and that's when I was struck in the face by War Machine."

He said he was dazed briefly, and his lip was split and two of his teeth loosened. Seconds later he said the brawlers moved outside where another security camera captured the action.

The scuffle resumed, in fits and starts, with War Machine being led and coaxed away by his friends. He was seen breaking free and going back on the attack.

"Beyond aggressive ... crazy almost," said Compton.

The footage showed War Machine sprinting back to throw more punches just before a police cruiser pulled into the parking lot.

A few blocks away, War Machine was arrested and a bag was placed over his head to prevent him from spitting at the officers.

Judge Charles Rogers is expected to decide Friday if War Machine, who has been seen on Spike TV's "Ultimate Fighter Show," should stand trial.