Betty Broderick Blasts Justice System In Letter To 10News

Convicted killer Betty Broderick expressed her feelings about her parole hearing last month that ended in denial in a letter written from prison to 10News reporter Steve Fiorina.

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    Broderick's four-page letter came in a flowered, pre-printed envelope with colored stationary to match. In the letter, she voiced anger that has not abated and was apparently stoked by the parole board's denial.

    She said, "I fully expected a public stoning. I expected his friends in the legal community to gang up on me, as they have done since day one of the divorce."

    Broderick labeled those who sent letters opposing her release as "like a KKK hooded lynch mob!"

    It was a Sunday morning in November, 20 years ago, that Broderick used a stolen key to break into the home of her ex-husband, hugely successful malpractice attorney Dan Broderick and his new wife, Linda, while they slept at 5 a.m. Broderick emptied a .38 caliber revolver into the couple. It was a moment she recalled for the parole board last month.

    "Dan said, 'Okay, okay, you got me.' I had no bullets left and ran out of the room," Broderick during the hearing.

    The killings and trial spawned two TV movies: "A Woman Scorned, The Betty Broderick Story" and "Her Final Fury: Betty Broderick, The Last Chapter".

    It was a violent end to a bitter divorce that still eats at Betty Broderick. Her attitude was blasted by the parole commissioner as parole was denied and her return date set at the maximum of 15 years.

    In the letter, Broderick wrote, "Once again the law and the truth doesn't seem to matter. I've done my time and have a perfect prison record, yet I got the maximum denial possible!!"

    Referencing phone-machine messages that were played in her trial that included vulgar words she’d left for her then-11-year-old son, Broderick went on, "Is it any wonder I use 'bad words'?" The statement was followed by a smiley face.

    In her letter from prison, she told Fiorina, "I'm up against the same group that has caused this case from day one!"

    It is the mantra from the trial years ago, with Broderick blaming the legal community -- friends of attorney Dan Broderick -- for her messy divorce. She referred to them as "the San Diego Just-Us System!!"

    NOTE: Betty Broderick's letter to 10News reporter Steve Fiorina was in response to a previous 10News request for an interview.